What is Glaze?


A glaze is a finishing coating layer melted and fused permanently with the surface of clay through a crystalline structure during firing. Aluminium is an important constituent in the glaze mix, as it acts as a stabiliser, allowing the glaze to attach firmly to the ceramic substrate. Engobe is an interlayer that sometimes is applied first on a substrate […]

How Ceramic Products Are Made


Preparing the Clay:The main raw material used for ceramic pottery is clay procured from varies places like Kerala, Rajasthan, Delhi, Bikaner, Bihar, and Ahmedabad in the country. Different raw materials like. The main raw material used in ceramic pottery is clay mixed with varies materials like quartz, potash feldspar, china clay and ball clay procured […]

Histroy of Ceramic Products

ceramic histroy

Ceramics is one of the most ancient industries going back thousands of years. Once humans discovered that clay could be found in abundance and formed into objects by first mixing with water and then firing, a key industry was born. The oldest known ceramic artifact is dated as early as 28,000 BCE (BCE = Before […]

The 5 Main Type of Ceramic Clay

Type of ceramic clay

There are various types of pottery clays available in the market. If you’re a beginner or aren’t knowledgeable about them, you can end up buying the wrong product and wasting your precious time and money. Knowing about these clay types can help you choose the right clay for your next project. So, what are the […]